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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ford Car Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

Ford Car Dashboard Warning Lights Explained. Every driver has come across an illuminated signal in their dashboard at one point or another. However, not many understand what every one means. We’ll explain what a few of the most common signify so you can get the proper service performed at Quality Auto Mall.

Engine Coolant
If the engine coolant light comes on while driving, you should safely pull off the road. This light features a thermostat with three gauges on the side above wavy lines, warning you of an overheated engine. You should not continue to drive as you could make the engine irreparable.

Engine Oil
If the engine oil light activates, it means that you are due for an oil change. This light is an oil can with a drop of oil coming out of the spout. The lubrication of fresh oil is a necessity to keep the parts of the engine working properly.

Service Engine
The service engine light is an engine block that lights up on the dashboard, and it could mean several different things. When this activates, be sure to call the Ford service center at Quality Auto Mall to schedule an appointment. There’s no telling what could be wrong with the engine and it’s best not to take any chances.

Seat Belt
The fasten seat belt light comes on the minute you start your car and will not deactivate until you fasten your seat belt. There will also be a beeping noise to warn you that your seat belt is not on yet.

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