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Friday, March 30, 2018

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe: Fresh Styling SUV

Sante Fe will offer three engines that include two gas four-cylinders and a turbocharged diesel. A 2.4-liter four-cylinder with 185 horsepower and 178 pound-feet of torque serves as the base powerplant, while more muscle is available with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder making 235 horses and 260 pound-feet of twist. Those looking for maximum torque will want to spring for the 2.2-liter turbodiesel four with 190 horsepower and 322 pound-feet.

All three engines will work with a new, in-house developed eight-speed automatic transmission that will be available with column-mounted paddle shifters.

The new Santa Fe and three-row Santa Fe XL will offer Hyundai's latest infotainment system featuring navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities on higher trim levels. Base vehicles will come equipped with a 7-inch interface that also offers CarPlay and Android Auto.

Hyundai calls its new grille design “cascading,” although naming facial features is a faux pas unless your name is Rollie Fingers or Ambrose Burnside. The polygonal design is available in black or bright finishes, and its design theme carries over to the interior, echoed in elements like the seat pattern and the speaker covers. It’s a nice design touch that partially makes up for some hard-looking and -feeling plastics, particularly on the seldom-touched trim pieces on the lower instrument panel.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the font Hyundai uses for its switchgear, which reminds some of us of the often-ridiculed Comic Sans. If it doesn’t bother you, you’ll love the dashboard’s simple, straightforward layout, complete with a standard 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment display (8.0 inches if you opt for navigation). Initially we feared that the volume and tuning knobs, positioned in the lower corners of the infotainment display on the dash, would require a long reach, but both are easily accessed from the front seats.

For its first model year, the Santa Fe will come with two familiar inline-four engines—the 185-hp 2.4-liter and the 235-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter found throughout Hyundai’s lineup—paired with an unfamiliar and new eight-speed automatic transaxle of Hyundai’s own design. All-wheel drive is available across the board. A hot rod the Santa Fe is not, and its zero-to-60-mph times are predicted to be in the seven-second range.

The new Santa Fe lineup also features a hearty list of standard and optional safety equipment that includes forward collision warning, lane keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, 360-degree camera, rear cross traffic alert and adaptive cruise control.

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